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Image options

When you hover an editable image in your email while in edit mode, you can see the image's pixel dimensions. You may also see a note about the default placeholder image not being updated, and if there is no alt text set.

Clicking on the image brings up various image options above the image.

Screenshot of inline image editing options in the Blocks Edit editor.

You can upload an image in place of a current one by clicking on the upload icon () after clicking on an image. The image file size is limited to 5MB. You can upload JPG, PNG, and GIF file types.


If you upload a JPG or PNG image, you may be given the option to crop it. The crop area is set based on proportions and sizing of the original template's placeholder image. You can choose to skip cropping to place the entire image.

If you're prompted with a message notifying you that your image is too small, you may need to find a higher res image to use. You can refer to the required minimum image size by hovering over the image to see the pixel dimensions below it.

If you want to change the cropping for an already uploaded image, you will need to upload the original image again.

GIF files are not cropped or resized and retain the source file's properties.

Alt text

Images have an option to display text for accessibility purposes and in cases where images do not get loaded.

You can edit your image's alt text by clicking the info icon () after clicking an image in the editor.

Additional options

If you have an image already uploaded somewhere, you can enter the URL for your image by clicking the edit icon ().

Optionally, you can add a link by using the link icon ().


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