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Link options

When you hover a link in your email while in edit mode, you can see a preview of the URL for it. You may also see a note about the link potentially being broken.

You can add a link by either selecting text, or by clicking on an image, or a button. You can edit a link by clicking on already linked text, images, or buttons. A link option will be shown above the selected area, among other options. Clicking on it will bring up the link options panel.

Options for a link, including fields for the URL and link tracking parameters, along with style numbers, and Link and Unlink buttons.

By default, you'll see a field for the link URL. And buttons for Link, to confirm your your updates, along with Unlink, to remove the link from the text, image, or button.

You may also see Styles and two or more numbers to select from. This changes the way linked text looks.

And, if you have the link tracking parameters feature enabled, you will see fields that you can edit for your link parameters.



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