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The starter email template skeleton layout

A modular email template that acts as a prototype for your own email template.

The starter email template skeleton layout

Example of rearranging sections for a custom layout and themeing it

We are celebrating #hacktober and #hacktoberfest this month with our new Start Email Template, an open source email template of standard components for designing and building emails. It’s essentially a modular layout skeleton that you can use as a prototype for your own email designs.

The code is available via GitHub to use freely. It includes layout examples of different types of emails it could be used for. And we’ve also put together a themed example template. The original code was developed using the MJML email framework.

The template also has editable tags added in, so you can import it into Blocks Edit to lay out sample content. If you haven’t tried Blocks Edit yet, as a developer you can use it completely free to try out your own templates with. Just sign up and start importing. All new accounts will get the latest version of the Starter template added to their dashboard automatically.

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