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Blocks Edit update: Google Cloud Storage integration

Use the Google Cloud Platform content delivery service with your emails.

Do you use the Google Cloud Platform and Google Cloud Storage for hosting marketing assets? You can now use our latest Blocks Edit integration to access and upload your email’s images with GCS.

The simple browser interface gives you direct access to your files while you build and edit your emails so you can import images directly from your storage bucket. And if you add new images to your email, you can export them to your bucket.

Images will be scaled and compressed according to template guidelines. And image URLs will get updated in your email’s code when you’re ready to export it. So you don’t have to worry about all the typical complications that come with adding images to an email. It’s all done for you in the background while you focus on making updates to your email.

You can use the Google Cloud Storage integration in Blocks Edit as of today. You can even connect to multiple buckets, or to other platforms. Sign up and get started for free.

Photo of Ovi Demetrian Jr Ovi Demetrian Jr