Calculate the average time spent on an email campaign's production

Find out how much time you can save utilizing modular email design and a visual editor to manage the content for your branded emails

If you design and code branded emails, you can use this calculator to find out how much time you can save by taking advantage of a modular design approach with a design system. And even more time when using a visual editor based on your design to put together your emails with your team.

How the calculation works

According to the Email Marketing Industry Census for a typical email campaign, this is how many hours are spent on each of the following activities:

For design, content, and mobile optimization, that's an average of 10 hours.

Modular email design

We can infer that about a third of the respondents in the census are using a design system since their numbers drop from the 10 hours to about 5 hours. You can streamline your team's workflow and cut your time on the design and content to about half with reusable patterns and components that make up a design system.

A visual editor for your emails

Additionally, if you implement your custom coded design into the Blocks Edit visual editor for producing your content, a campaign could take as little as an hour of simply dragging in your layout pieces, writing your copy live within the email, and uploading images.

Making your your own editable theme takes just a few hours, by adding simple CSS classes and attributes to your HTML. Once done initially, you'll have a reusable templates for building all your emails that your team can use the visual editor for.

Blocks Edit screenshot of the visual editor with the team comments in the activity panel

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