Simplified email content workflow for more efficient collaboration for everyone

Made for email and digital marketing managers

Quickly turn around campaigns and never miss a marketing opportunity

  • Produce more campaigns, and streamline your review process
  • Organize your team around your campaigns
  • Send out new campaigns in hours instead of days
  • Manage various versions of your campaigns

Made for creative email designers

Flexible for utilizing design trends

  • Stay on brand and use your brand assets
  • Editing is adapted to your design decisions
  • Familiar pattern-based modules and components approach
  • Customization based on your design's purposeful limits

Made for efficient email developers

Works with your current template system and coding workflow

  • Simple CSS tags that fit within your HTML code
  • You decide what's made editable and how
  • Allows you to code your way without interfering with your process
  • Use any code editor and compiling tools

Made for copywriters and content editors

Just content, no coding needed

  • See live preview of your content
  • No need for using docs to write copy
  • Reduce back and forth working with a developer for updates
  • Complete control over your content edits
  • Build layouts yourself using modules and components
  • Update images and links

Made for your entire company

A simple point and click, drag and drop interface anyone can use

There is no formal training required so anyone can be invited to jump in, review, and make necessary changes to any email.

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