Agencies and freelancers, offer your clients a tool that makes your work shine

Are you a digital marketing agency, email marketing agency or full-service marketing agency that builds branded email templates for your clients?

Add new benefits to the work you're doing

Implement your email templates into Blocks Edit, or work with us to get them implemented. Provide continuous upgrades to the template creative as needed and invite your clients to work with you and your team to build and edit email content. Keep your templates organized for each client with our agency-specific organizations feature.

Take a content-centered approach

Using Blocks Edit for your email production process gives more control to your internal team as well as your clients. Whether you produce content in-house or in collaboration with your client, the editor allows anyone to join in the process and do their part, and review for send-off, all in one place.

Use it internally for your own team's workflow

While the editor interface is simple enough for your clients to use, you can also use it internally as part of your design, development, and content production process. Additionally, you can build simple tools for your team to use like an invoice editor, a proposal editor, a billable hours worksheet, and more.

Rethink digital content management

Traditional content editors force you to follow their format which often limits your design, takes a lot of time to implement, and leads to complexity that creates unintended consequences. Blocks Edit goes back to basics with editing capabilities that are added around your design and code.

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