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FTP/sFTP server integration

Use images hosted on your remote server. Upload new images to your server that you've added to your email.

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An external server is the standard way to host images for emails. Often times, it's a directory on your web server. With the FTP/sFTP integration, you can securely add your server credentials and get access to your images directly in the Blocks Edit interface. So when you're editing an email, add images in just by browsing for them on your remote server.

Support available

Need help setting up your FTP/sFTP integration? Here are some options:

No vendor lock-in

Blocks Edit follows email development standards and is truly platform-agnostic, so you can import your email's code into your preferred email provider to send out.

Connect your content sources into Blocks Edit

Get access to your images without leaving the editor. Export your edited email with image URLs generated, ready for send-off. Add multiple integrations as content sources.

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