Streamline your email's workflow

Connect to your other platforms to simplify your editing processes and use one system for all of your email content production.

Use external images and assets

  • Browse and import external images as you're making updates to your email
  • Give your team members access to specified sources and folders
  • Connect to multiple external sources to switch between as needed
  • Generate final image URLs so your email is ready to send off, no coding required
Browse external image files

sFTP, AWS S3, GCP Storage

Get access to your hosted images and save to your host from the editor. Either on your own server, or using a CDN.

  • sFTP icon
  • AWS icon
  • GCP Storage icon

Connect to Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Integrate your SFMC account to access your images from within Blocks Edit. When you’re finished editing your email, export it to your SFMC account with image URLs dynamically updated, so your email is ready to send out.

Salesforce icon

Connect to Iterable

Directly export your emails from Blocks Edit to your Iterable account. Your email can be selected from the Iterable campaign workflow.

Iterable icon

Connect to Klaviyo

Directly export your email HTML to Klaviyo. Your email is added as a template ready to use with your Klaviyo campaign.

Klaviyo icon

Connect to ActiveCampaign

Integrate your ActiveCampaign account to directly export your email to ActiveCampaign. Your email is added as a standard campaign with email settings included so your email is ready to send out.

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Integrate your single sign-on provider

If your organization uses the added security layer that single sign-on provides, setup a connection once and use it for all of your team members. And with just-in-time provisioning, new team member accounts are automatically generated.

Okta, OneLogin, and others

Use your organization's Okta, OneLogin, or other SAML standard single sign-on provider to connect to Blocks Edit.

  • Okta
  • OneLogin
  • Single sign-on icon

Mix and match integrations

Our modularized workflow allows using multiple integrations as sources. For example, import images from an S3 bucket and export an edited email to your Salesforce Marketing Cloud account. You can use multiple instances of the same integration type, each with its own settings, like a specific folder for your team members to access.

No vendor lock-in

Use your own domain for your image assets instead of URLs from third-party services. Blocks Edit uses API standards to connect to your own sources. We're truly platform-agnostic, so you can use your preferred email, marketing, and organizational tools.

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