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Editable links

Link styles

For text where a link is added, Blocks Edit automatically uses the styling of the immediate text around the link and underlines it. You can enable link style options to choose from by setting a variable name for them.

Each enabled link will be shown as a style option when a link is edited, as styles numbers, along with the default style as the first one.

Add the data-style attribute with a unique variable name on example links to include the style from.


<div class="block-edit" data-block="example-name">Text copy <a href="#" data-style="link-standard" style="color: #ff0000">with a link</a>.</div>

Disable links

Disables option for adding a element around content for linking.

block-no-link or -block-link: false


<div class="block-edit block-no-link" data-block="example-name">Text copy for an area.</div>

Template editor

Editable link styles in the template editor

In the template editor, go into edit mode, and with the content icon () chosen on the left, start selecting text areas that you want to make editable within your template. Editable link options will appear in the sidebar on the left. Click Update to enable the options. And Save to go into template preview mode to see the results.


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