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Using link tracking parameters

Link tracking options make the process of adding URL parameters easier.

Setting global parameters

Link tracking in template settings

You can add parameters on a template level to have emails start with them as defaults. From the dashboard, click the preferences icon () and then the Link Tracking tab.

Here you can enable parameters to be used in emails and add specific parameters to be used. You can also enable an alias tag to be used for your links as well.

To add a parameter, enter the parameter in the text field and click Add. Added parameters show below the field and can be removed by clicking the x next to each parameter.

Click Save changes to save your settings.

Note: you will need to be an admin or owner on the account to have access to these settings.

Email-level settings for links

Link tracking in email settings

Once you setup your global parameters, you can provide values that get applied to all links added for an email. To do this, click on your email from the dashboard, and go into Edit mode. Look for the settings icon () on the left sidebar and click on it.

Under the Link Tracking tab, you will see fields for each of the tracking parameters added in template settings. Adding values will have them preset when a link is added in the email. The values can be overwritten when adding a link.

Click the Update button save them.

Link options

Link fields

Having parameters and setting values for them now makes adding links with tracking easier. When you add a link, you will see your parameters and their values filled in. Add your URL and add or edit any needed values for your parameters, or leave them as is. Parameters and values will be automatically appended to your link. Any parameters left blank will not be added.

Note: URL's that don't begin with http(s), will not have link parameters added to it.



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