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Section pinning

Pin option for sections

Pinning a section allows saving content that you can reuse in other emails.

You will see a pin icon () in the upper right of a section when editing content. Clicking the icon prompts you to name your saved content.

Your pinned section gets added on the left sidebar, under the pins tab (). To use it in your email, go to the pins tab and drag your saved pin into your content.

You can rename and remove any pin in the sidebar by clicking the edit icon () under its thumbnail. You cannot edit and re-save pins. You'll need to place a pin, make updates, and save it again as a new pin. You can then delete the one you no longer need.

Note: If the template design and its code is updated, pins would need to be updated using the update option in order to use the latest template version.

Pin groups

You can also add pin groups that allow you to keep your pins organized.

Pin groups example

The Add a pin group button will add a new pin group. Clicking the edit icon () for a pin allows you to select the pin group you want it to be part of. All pin groups are shown at the top as drop-downs for showing and hiding groups of pins.



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