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Images appear broken in Google Chrome

By default, Google Chrome no longer displays http content on sites that use https. If your email's images are not SSL-enabled, still being served through http, Chrome may show them as broken. And any users viewing your email in the Chrome browser may see them broken as well. You'll need to get an SSL certificate for your image's host and update your image URLs to use https.

Temporary workaround

If you are unable to switch your images to https yet, there is a simple workaround to be able to at least work with your email in Chrome: you can manually choose to trust the image source's SSL certificate. Here's how to do that:

  1. Right-click on the broken image and click Open image in new tab
  2. Go to the URL bar for the image and type https:// in front of the URL and tap enter
  3. This will bring up a notice:

    Screenshot of Google Chrome error for non https assets.

  4. Click Advanced button, and then click Proceed to... (unsafe) link:

    Screenshot of Google Chrome error for non https assets, advanced options.

You have now trusted the invalid SSL certificate and enabled the http images. The images in the editor will now be visible moving forward (you may need to do a refresh to see them initially).

Note, you can undo trusting the certificate by going back to the image link and clicking on Not Secure in the URL bar and then the Re-enable warnings link:

Screenshot of Google Chrome error for non https assets shown as 'Not Secure'.

This only works for your own Chrome browser's settings. Other team members that are experiencing the issue would need to go through the same process.


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