Roles and permissions

There are specific roles defined in Blocks Edit, each with their own permissions:

Permissions Reviewer Editor Admin Owner
Preview an email y y y y
Build and edit emails   y y y
Invite others to build and edit emails   y y y
Upload/update template, settings     y y
Manage/enable integrations     y y
Manage account, billing       y

When signing up for an account, you will have your own organization where you have owner status. As an owner, you can view all the templates under your organization, including the ones someone else adds.

Anyone you invite to a template can build new emails and edit current ones. If you are invited to a template, you are given the same powers.

Giving someone additional powers

As an owner or admin in an organization, you are able to manage admin powers for other people. As an admin, you are able to upload template files and update current ones with new versions, as well as delete a template. You can also manage template settings as well as setup and enable integrations.

To give someone admin powers, click on your avatar in the upper right and then ‘My Account’. If you are part of multiple organizations, click on the specific organization listed in the drop down menu. On the account screen, you will see a drop down to 'add another account admin'.

If you are an owner, you can give someone else owner powers here.

And you can also see all the owner(s) and admin(s) for an organization.



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