Editable Tags

Dev features

Additional workflow options

Editing email provider code

If your template includes ESP-specific code, you can use be-code-edit to make it editable. A code snippet can additionally be enabled as a reusable section or component. Tokens can be used throughout content.

<code class="be-code-edit" >
%%[ set @variable = "Hello World!" ]%%

Hiding content

If you want to hide certain areas from being seen in Blocks Edit when working with an email, wrap your code with the block-hide option.

<!-- block-hide -->
<!-- end-block-hide -->

Email portions

You can import just a portion of an email for editing. This may be helpful if you have a current email provider that uses a master template and locks in the header and footer for example, and you just want to work with a particular module. Or, if you want to provide your team with templated email signatures to use.

Tweak code using browser dev tools

While in edit mode for an email, you can use your browser's dev tools to make edits to your HTML and then click the "Save" button to actually save the updated code! Using this option should be limited to fixes, tweaks, or minor HTML and CSS changes to a particular email. Changes will only be saved to that email. We don't recommend adding any Blocks Edit editable tags. You will also see Blocks Edit UI in the code that you'll have to avoid.

Testing your template

Sign up for free to import your template and test out editable tags. Need some help implementing the tags? Here are some options: