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Additional workflow options

Import options

You can either import a standalone HTML file, or a ZIP file with image assets for your template. Your ZIP file will need to have your HTML file and images at the root level, with no folders. Images will be included with each exported email, along with any other added images that may have been uploaded while editing.

Try out a template's features after import without having to create emails. Click on the edit icon () next to the title of your template from the dashboard to go into preview mode. Any edits you make here are not saved.

While in preview mode, you can also update a current template by uploading a new version of it using the Import new version option at the top. New emails will be created based on the latest version. Any emails created from previous versions will continue to work, but with features only from the specific version each email was created from. Any saved layouts will need to be rebuilt to utilize the latest template version. And any pinned sections may also be affected.

Adding custom code snippets

If you would like to use custom code within your template, like email provider code for segmenting content, you can use be-code-edit to have anything within it output as raw code. It can also be enabled as a reusable section or component.

<code class="be-code-edit" >
%%[ IF @member=="True" THEN ]%%

Adding data-area="head" will place the code within the head tag on export.

Note that HTML code used within the code block in your template may cause your editable area to break. Actual code, including HTML code, should only be used when building or editing an email within the editor.

Hiding content

If you want to hide certain areas from being seen in Blocks Edit when working with an email, wrap your code with the block-hide option.

<!-- block-hide -->
<!-- end-block-hide -->

Email portions

You can import just a portion of an email for editing. This may be helpful if you have a current email provider that uses a master template and locks in the header and footer for example, and you just want to work with a particular module. Or, if you want to provide your team with templated email signatures to use.

Dark mode

If you set up your template to enable dark mode properties, the editor will enable an option to preview in both light and dark settings, following your media queries.

Testing your template

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