A modular approach that anyone can use to build and edit an email campaign

Blocks Edit allows you to use a standard HTML template that you add editing options on top of and eliminates a lot of back and forth that happens during content production and review by letting you and your team build and edit content directly within the template.

  • Point & click text inline editing and contextual formatting

  • Drag and drop stackable modules and pieces

  • Customizable areas with alternate style options

  • Reusable components (like buttons, headlines, etc)

  • Saved layouts (ex: newsletter, announcement, event, etc)

Designed to work around your template design and code

Tag your HTML code to enable editing

Add either a class to your HTML or a CSS style:

<div class="block-edit">Your copy.</div> <div style="-block-edit: true">Your copy.</div>

Importing the code into Blocks Edit and going into Edit mode will allow you to change the "Your copy." text. Clicking Save will update the email's HTML code with the new text.

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