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Editable email template examples

Good examples of templates using modularized, reusable components well.

CorePower Yoga

CorePower Yoga template

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Utilizes frames for customizing sections, with background colors and images. Components are rearranged for creating multiple banner styles.

AAA South Jersey

AAA South Jersey template

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Allows for using a wide range of newsletter features, including in various 2-column and 3-column formats, and with banner callouts.

IDEO newsletter

IDEO weekly newsletter

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Succinct, article-based newsletter format with a central featured article.

Starter template

Starter template

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Boilerplate template with commonly-used components and layouts.

Example tagging techniques

Intro area

  • On the containing table, a 'block-region' class was added to indicate to the user that the text area was editable
  • 'block-edit' was added to the text's container to make it editable
  • The 'This Week' title text is left uneditable since it does not need to be changed
  • Default bold and italic formatting options as well as linking are left enabled

Feature image

  • On the containing table, a 'block-section' class was added which makes it a stackable section that appears on the left sidebar and can be dragged in
  • The section can also be reordered among other stacked sections
  • 'block-edit' was added to the img element which allows a new image to be uploaded in its place, or its URL can be changed
  • The image alt text can also be edited, and a link can be added or removed

Feature article

  • On the containing table, a 'block-section' class was added to make it a stackable section
  • 'block edit' was added to the title, date, author byline, and description text
  • For the title text, bold and italic formatting options were removed using 'block-no-bold' and 'block-no-italic', leaving only the text and its link to be edited

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