Rethink every aspect of building and editing your next great email campaign

So much time and effort in sending out an email campaign is exhausted on mundane, time-consuming tasks. Using Blocks Edit helps reduce the overall time spent on those tasks that waste effort so you and your team can focus on the things you do best and make better emails.

Marketers can build emails and edit content on their own

Live preview of content changes

Invite your entire team to join in

So it's an email editor?

Yes, but not the kind you're familiar with...


Email provider editors which are kludgy and limited


Free-form editors which are kludgy and messy


Unique, intuitive inline editor built around your email template

Blocks Edit lets designers and developers decide on the best level of interaction and customization options appropriate to your template. This is done with a simple API that allows a clean separation of code and content. These purposeful constraints ensure a design follows brand guidelines and offers consistency in email output.

Designers and developers build templates to use as email frameworks

Design and build a resuable email template

Set guidelines for editing and customizing emails

Certified Partners

Need someone to build your template to work with Blocks Edit? Consider using an agency from our network of certified design and development partners.

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