A modular email template approach that anyone can use to build an email

Get ready for your new email superhero power: editable templates. Blocks Edit turns your custom designed email template into a tool that allows you to build emails and easily make copy updates. And it's completely flexible to work with any way a template is designed and developed.

Template pieces as reusable components

Point and click, drag and drop

Inline editing so you can see what your content looks like as you're making updates.

Manage all your templates and emails

View all your current email campaigns in one place and see who is working on what and when.

Invite anyone to make updates

Send out invite emails and manage current editors.

The simplest API in the world

Implementing Blocks Edit editing options is as easy as adding CSS classes or styles to your template's code. From text editing and formatting, to enabling drag and drop elements and customization options. It takes just a couple of hours to setup. Get started with the development docs →

Import your Blocks Edit enabled template into the dashboard and invite anyone on your team to start building emails on their own

Your template's code is not affected as updates are made so you can save and export an email into your current email service provider to send out

Try the Starter Template (available in the dashboard after signing up) to see how things work and use standard layout options to build an email right away

Get started with your new email workflow Sign up for a free trial