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Upgrade your email review process

Despite the number of ways we have at our disposal when it comes to digital communication, email is here to stay. The reason people send out emails is because it's so simple. You pick a contact, type your message and hit send.

So why is sending out marketing emails so complicated? More specifically, why is editing content in a custom-designed marketing email so complicated? The idea behind Blocks Edit is to essentially separate the email template design and the editing of content. To allow designers and developers to build well-designed email templates and allow content editors to update content on their own without affecting the integrity of the original design.

  • View your content changes directly in the template as you're making them
  • Reduce the need for QA by not having to involve developers while making content updates
  • Give access to anyone to preview and make changes with a simple point and click interface that doesn't require a learning curve

Easily make updates and collaborate with your team

  • Create and manage multiple versions of the same template
  • Point and click editing of content directly within the template
  • Replace images and include alternate text
  • Modify and add links to text or images
  • Add/remove and reorder regions
  • Share a private link with others to preview or send it to them as an email
  • Invite your team to make changes themselves

Simple template integration

Setting the guidelines of how somone should edit a template's content is as simple as adding classes or styles to your template code:



-block-edit: true

To be used on individual HTML elements, making content within each editable for the user.

Set which areas can be removed or duplicated and fine tune editing options including setting character limits. View Implementation Guide →

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