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I've designed and developed my fair share of email templates. I've found that the most frustrating part of building and sending out marketing emails for me is the constant revisions. I'd like to be able to build a template and have the content get magically updated without me being involved.

I've also designed and built my fair share of websites. And in the website world, there are content management tools like WordPress that allow my clients to update content on their own without me being involved. So why can't we have a content management tool for marketing emails?

Blocks Edit is that. It lets you design and build an email template the way you see fit. And then hand it off to the team to update and review the content on their own the way they see fit. Blocks Edit improves the worklflow so everyone focuses on doing what they do best and less time is spent going back and forth.

– Ovi Demetrian Jr, Founder

Straightforward content management

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Simple template integration

Setting the guidelines of how somone should edit a template's content is as simple as adding a class to your template code:

<div class="block-edit">Some content copy for your email.</div> View implementation guide →

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