Start an email with a central focus and a catchy headline
This is the area a reader first sees and reads. It's usually tied into the subject line of the email. Depending on the goal of the email, the amount of copy can vary. The same goes for an accompanying image.|
Call to Action
Additional articles can then appear below the focus area. They don't need to be related to it.
The overall rule of thumb is to make content easy to digest by breaking it up into pieces.
This allows the reader to scan through it. There are often articles linked for further reading.

Streamline your email marketing workflow

The Blocks Edit interface lets you edit content directly within a custom-designed email template and bring in other team members to review and make updates themselves.

By simply adding CSS classes or styles to your email template's code, you can enable editable content for anyone to make updates without worrying about breaking the HTML code.

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Works with your current Email provider

Blocks Edit is a web app for easily updating content of a templated email. Once your email is ready to send out, you simply import it into your preferred email provider.

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