Start an email with a central focus and a catchy headline
This is the area a reader first sees and reads. It's usually tied into the subject line of the email. Depending on the goal of the email, the amount of copy can vary. The same goes for an accompanying image.|
Call to Action
Additional articles can then appear below the focus area. They don't need to be related to it.
The overall rule of thumb is to make content easy to digest by breaking it up into pieces.
This allows the reader to scan through it. There are often articles linked for further reading.

Streamline your email marketing workflow

Blocks Edit allows making your custom-designed email templates editable. So you can bring in team members to review, edit copy and send out emails more efficiently.

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Point and click, drag and drop

Inline editing so you can see what your content looks like as you're making updates.

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The whole team can join in

Designers and Developers

Design and build templates the way you want and maintain control over how content edits are made while keeping your code intact

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Marketers and Agencies

View your content changes as you're making them, reducing the need for QA by not having to involve developers while making updates

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And anyone else you need to work with

The simple point and click interface means there's no training required, so anyone can be invited to jump in and figure out what they need to do

  • The CEO on the state of the union

  • Catherine in Finance's tax tips

  • The contract copywriter

  • Legal to do a final review

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    Invite as many people as needed

How to improve your workflow

Works with your current Email provider

Email providers are great at providing an infrastructure for delivering emails. However, their email editing tools are often rigid and limited. Because Blocks Edit allows editing content of a custom email template, the design and code remain flexible and reusable. So you can easily export your email updates from Blocks Edit and import into your preferred email provider to send out.

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