Streamline your email marketing production

Make your custom-designed email templates editable and bring in team members to build and update emails on their own.

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Bring in your entire team

Designers, developers...

Design and build templates and add a custom editable interface around them, so as content is updated the design and code remain intact

Marketers, editors...

Build new emails and view your content changes live, as you're making them, reducing the need for constant QA back and forth

...and anyone else you need to work with

The simple point and click interface requires no formal training, so anyone can be invited to jump in, review, and make necessary changes to an email

  • The CEO on the state of the union

  • Catherine in Finance's tax tips

  • The contract copywriter

  • Legal to do a final review

  • +

    Invite as many people as needed

Use your current Email provider

Email providers are a great way to deliver emails but their editing tools are often rigid and limited. Blocks Edit works well with any custom email design, following email development standards. So you can safely export your email from Blocks Edit and import into your preferred email provider to send out.

...and more!

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