Your dashboard

The dashboard is the first thing you see after signing in. The current template that you're working on is shown along with its emails.


Going to a different template

You can change to a different template from the dropdown arrow next to the template title.

Team members

Below the template title are the team members that have access to this template and its emails. You can invite additional team members by clicking Add/Remove Editors.

Importing a new template

To upload a new template to use, click the New Template option at the top.


Add a new email

To create a new email, click the New Email button.

A field will appear below to enter the title of your email. Click Save to create the email. Click on the email name to be taken to the editor to start working on it.

Duplicate email

To create a copy of a current email, click on the icon with the two documents () on the right side of the email you want to duplicate.

Delete an email

To delete a current email, click on the X icon () on the far right side of the email you want to delete. A prompt will be shown to confirm deleting the email.


You can keep your emails organized by putting them in folders. Click Add Folder at the bottom to create a new folder. You can then drag emails within the folder.


To search for an email, click the Search Emails text box at the top. As you type, a dropdown of results will be shown that you can scroll through.

Search field being used with a listing of results below it.

Clicking on the email title will take you to that email in the editor.

Below the email title is the organization and template that the email is a part of. Clicking on that area will take you to that template and highlight where the email is located, including in which folder.


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