Manage team members

On the dashboard, you can view other team members that are on the theme you're working on at the top. To manage your team members, click on Add/Remove Editors.

Screenshot of the Blocks Edit dashboard theme team member options.

Add team members

On the team screen, enter the name and email address of the team member you want to bring on and click Invite. They will receive an email with a link to accept and start making updates.

Invite did not go through

If the team member you're trying to add has an issue receiving the invite, you can try sending it again. On the team screen (accessible from clicking Add/Remove Editors from the dashboard), click Remove next to the team member that is having the issue, then just submit a new invite using the fields at the top.

Remove team members

To remove someone from a theme, click on Add/Remove Editors from the dashboard. On the team screen, click Remove next to the team member you would like to remove. They will no longer have access to the theme and its emails or pages unless added back on.


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