Checklist panel

Keeping a checklist for your email campaigns is a good reminder of the important aspects to make sure you include or review. Especially when working with a team. The Blocks Edit checklist feature allows you to setup a custom checklist that is shown for each email being built.

Setting up your checklist

You set it up on a template level via the template settings icon () from the dashboard. Click the Checklist tab in the modal that comes up.

Note: you will need to be an admin or owner on the account to have access to these settings.

Each new email gets your customized checklist items added to it. If you make changes to your items, the new items will only show up on newly created emails.

Checklist items in emails

To view the checklist in the editor, click the checklist icon () on the right. A sidebar of the checklist items is shown.

Items can be checked off by any coworker as they are completed/evaluated. The time that an item gets checked off, along with who checked off the item, gets logged in the activity panel, accessed via its icon on the right ().


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